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Auto HG23 aka Michael Jordan - DNA Genetics
  • Auto HG23 aka Michael Jordan - DNA Genetics

Auto HG23 aka Michael Jordan - DNA Genetics

Dive into the unique experience provided by HG23 Auto autoflowering seeds. Meticulously bred for the modern grower, these seeds blend spectacular yield with a swift life cycle, delivering up to 500 g/m2 in just 75 days. Cultivate your oasis with flavors that evoke a secret garden of citrus and hints of wood, enveloping you in an atmosphere of calm and creativity.

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HG23 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds - DNA Genetics

Explore the rich heritage of HG23 Auto, a masterpiece from DNA Genetics that combines the robustness of OG Kush Auto with the splendor of HG23. This cross produces an Indica-dominant strain inheriting the resinous potency and penetrating aroma of OG Kush, while from HG23, it gains an effortless elegance that inspires and soothes equally.

HG23 Auto plants grow with unique grace, displaying a slenderer structure than the typical Indica. Their leaves, a mantle of deep green with purple hints, promise a harvest of dense, resin-glistening buds. This is the true garden of Eden for any passionate grower.

Ideal for the meticulous gardener or urban cultivator, HG23 Auto adapts well to both soil and hydroponic environments. Its 8-9 week flowering cycle culminates in a generous harvest that rewards patience and care. Apply low-stress training techniques to expose every branch to golden light, thus maximizing its potential.

The aroma of HG23 Auto is an invitation to explore a world where the earthy meets the sublime. Notes of diesel and roasted coffee blend with floral touches, creating an olfactory tapestry that seduces and intoxicates. Each inhalation is a journey through wild fields, revealing layers of sweet citrus and exotic woods.

HG23 Auto not only soothes the body but elevates the spirit. Its impact is immediately euphoric, freeing the mind from worries while plunging the senses into deep tranquility. Perfect for those moments of reflection or when inspiration calls, this strain is a bridge to inner peace and overflowing creativity.

HG23 AUTO (DNA Genetics) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - 100% Autoflowering

Cross: HG23 x OG Kush Auto
Genotype: Mostly Indica

THC: Very High

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 10-11 Weeks from germination

Height: Short/Medium
Production: 500 g/m2

Terpene Profile: Earthy, Fruity, Floral, Diesel, Coffee
Effects: Cerebral Buzz, Body Relaxation

DNA Genetics

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Mostly Indica
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