LA Chocolate fem - DNA Genetics
  • LA Chocolate fem - DNA Genetics
  • LA Chocolate fem - DNA Genetics

LA Chocolate fem - DNA Genetics

A cross between the best two strains of DNA; LA Confidential x Chocolope, resulting in a powerful hybrid that improves their parents in all aspects: vigor, production, ease of cultivation ... plant of medium height with a short internudal space, good calyx / leaf relationship and fast flowering, making it ideal for novice and commercial growers, since their production exceeds the average.

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LA Confidential and Chocolope are our most popular strains. Combined together is probably the most sought junction and the best idea I ever had and resulted in ... LA Chocolate, cream of the crop, the best of the best, the best of two genetic DNA fused into one. LA Chocolate has improved the characters of both parents; Chocolope gains the power of LA Confidential and this earns high yields of Chocolope, creating a variety of easy to grow cannabis, great production and fast flowering, with a final product of high quality. Their internodes are short and the Goblet relationship / very positive sheet and ready for harvest after 8 weeks of flowering, which makes it very viable for commercial growers. Its flavor is typical Kush with fruity and floral nuances and notes emanating from their thick, compact buds full of crystals with a powerful and earthy appreciated medicinal effect.

DNA Genetics

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