Brooklyn Mango fem
  • Brooklyn Mango fem

Brooklyn Mango fem

Brooklyn Mango was selected for its aroma Mango makes buds that stand out as being hard. Easy to grow. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks. Outdoor harvest: Early October.

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The study for the creation of Brooklyn Mango plants started looking strong scent of Mango but turn a powerful structure of rock-hard buds . So we started by our mother Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, selected from original seeds Sensi Seeds was chosen for its character and indicates its strong aroma of pineapple .

Form very dense buds which appear white stones filled resin . It's the same thing we use to create the King Kong super producer .

Tried combinations diferenes hata get the end result we were looking for , and we got it after selecting a mother of New York City Diesel from Soma Seeds original seeds . This NYCD was chosen by a strong variable in the aromas , a cross between mango and diesel .

While the mother chosen the diesel smell that is not very pantente , is different in their offspring . Combining this exquisitely with hints of tropical mango, lemon and pineapple.

The result is gorgeous narrow job that takes between 8 and 9 weeks of flowering. Hard , compact , dense , full of resin , typically grass need more buds drying may therefore always looks cool due to the large number of trichomes floor covering as a grease .

With a light workout in the form of bush will get plenty of heads which end up as white resinated tails giving off a smell superior, certainly not easily forgotten .

Perfect for any type of crop , always getting better results in systems

Hydroponic and Aeroponic . Suitable for beginners to always have a minimum conociemiento about growing cannabis.

For more advanced growers would like to take a crop with mesh system for an abysmal production. Brooklyn Mango responds very well to training as a shrub .

For outdoor crops made in mother earth caution is recommended because it can grow explosively both vertically and horizontally . Production with good nutrients mother earth can give plants nearly 1 kg of dry bud , and above all, without losing quality .

Indoor Flowering time : 8 to 9 weeks
Tiemo Flowering Outdoor: Principles / October mediadios
Int Production: 500-700 gr ( being able to maximize in SOG or SCROG , hydro or aero ) .
Production ext : 800-1000 gr ( depending methods, you can increase or decrease ) .

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