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PainKiller fem

PainKiller was created exclusively for medical use.

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We talked about a hybrid created exclusively for medicinal use , although the effects sativas seek active in this plant we have created otherwise . He devised from the demands of various medicinal consumers is one of the first known tested with different diseases such as cancer , glaucoma and chronic muscle pain plants.

The results have been very encouraging , as it not only produces a significant reduction of the adverse effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy . Providing a substantial increase in appetite , reducing quantitatively nausea and malaise , and providing a clean, clear and cool dream. The next day you wake up with your head in perfect condition. Again, it is a strong plant tranquilizer and sedative effect . It is also highly recommended for muscle aches and get a full rest.

Be careful with some phenotypes by high levels of CBD , which can give a drug too . To create this natural medicine , we have used a Sensi Star ( Paradise Seeds) for selected years ago by his great qualities for menstrual cramps. And we hybridizes with a White Russian (Serious Seeds) Extra large production and devastating effect , which will induce a state of hunger and sleep , the result is sublime.

Painkiller is a plant of medium size , broad , dark leaves his inheritance indicates columnar structure with an excellent production . In hydroponic or aeroponic the results are devastating, getting all plants buds are made from the bottoms . Resin production is unusual . Just try it Its aroma is growing a mixture of soil, lime and yeast .

The buds are more dry - Afghani Earthy shades , retaining its flavor intact . A delight for the palate. Mindful of the phenotype among us known as Lemon Juice.

Indoor flowering time : 7 - 8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor : end of September .
Indoor Yield: 450 gr - 600 gr
Outdoor yield : 600-800 gr per plant ( Mother Earth)

recommendations :
medicinal use
Growing SOG
Hydro and Aero ( outstanding results )

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Mayor Indica (relajante)
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