Desfrán fem - Dutch Passion
  • Desfrán fem - Dutch Passion
  • Desfrán fem - Dutch Passion

Desfrán fem - Dutch Passion

Cannabis strain created from a triple junction Oaxaca Mexicana x Colombia Punto Rojo x Meo Tailandesa. Desfrán is a marijuana plant that grows vigorously in its vegetative stage. At flowering, can reach triple height; Indoor flowering in 9-10 weeks, producing large and unusual compact buds to be a 100% sativa. Highly psychoactive effect.

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Desfrán is a legendary variety of South America, winner of multiple awards in various competitions cannabis. It is the result of a cross between Destroyer and Destroyer; its origin comes from a triple junction Oaxaca Mexicana, Colombia Punto Rojo and Meo Tailandesa and reaches Dutch Passion thanks to Alberto de Argentina. Alberto is a master grower, an expert and owner of Haze cannabis Magazine. Our first project together was the introduction of Desfrán in Europe.

During the vegetative stage, Desfrán needs little nutrition. Although it grows well in soil, especially if you have plenty of room for the roots, also grows vigorously in other culture media. It's 100% Sativa; grow much in height and develops long branches that can dominate the growing space in no time. In the vegetative stage, the stem can produce intense fruity aromas when rubbed.

During flowering, stretches and can reach triple height. Desfrán is a very resinous variety suitable for growing media SOG and SCROG and usually need 9-10 weeks to bloom. It has a fruity smell like pear and green apples; the taste is as if you were enjoying a candy pear with hints of grape and melon.

For a Sativa, Desfrán produces unusual compact and dense flowers. When dry, the flowers look glazed pineapples.

An early harvest can cause a psychedelic rush and very cerebral even if you decide to leave it a little longer, the result of harvesting Desfrán be a sweeter flavor and a real destroyer. Desfrán is one of the best varieties that Alberto has ever seen; hope you will share your opinion.

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