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Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten
  • Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten
  • Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten
  • Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten
  • Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten

Universal scissor sharpener - Saboten

Welcome to excellence in the care of your cutting tools with the universal sharpener from the prestigious Japanese brand Saboten!

Designed to offer maximum precision and efficiency, this tungsten sharpener is essential for anyone who values ​​sharpness and quality in their scissors.

Sharpener + lubricant applicator The all-in-one for the health of your scissors!


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The Saboten brand is recognized worldwide for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With the Saboten scissor sharpener you not only acquire a tool, but a guarantee of quality and superior performance. Always keep your scissors ready for any task with a sharpness that rivals that of new scissors.

It also includes an anti-rust lubricant applicator at the other end that will keep your scissors looking new for a lifetime.


  • Japanese Technology: Saboten is synonymous with excellence in cutting tools. They know what characteristics a quality sharpener should have and they have put it into practice
  • Easy to use: Simply slide it over the blade and you will see how it instantly gains sharpness
  • High quality materials: Made of Wolfram / Tungsten, material used to cut diamonds
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight
  • Versatility: Fully compatible with any cutting tool, no matter what type of steel it is, it will sharpen it instantly.

Instructions for use:

  • Preparation: Make sure the scissors are clean and dry
  • Sharpening: Place the sharpener on the edge of the blade with the angled part of the sharpener and gently slide it from one side of the edge to the other
  • Maintenance: Clean the sharpener after each use to extend its life.

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