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Saboten - Japanese professional scissors with magnets
  • Saboten - Japanese professional scissors with magnets
  • Saboten - Japanese professional scissors with magnets
  • Saboten - Japanese professional scissors with magnets

Saboten - Japanese professional scissors with magnets

Tired of the prices and low availability of Chikamasa scissors?

Saboten are professional scissors made of the highest quality Japanese steel with a fluorine coating that generates a non-stick layer that will keep the resin on the edge of your scissors at bay for longer.

It has an ergonomic handle that will allow you to have long peeling sessions without fatigue, and perhaps its most innovative feature: Magnets! Say goodbye to uncomfortable springs since Saboten has two magnets that repel each other and generate a very smooth trimming experience

A true professional scissors for life.

Opciones: Hoja Recta

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Tired of poor quality scissors that stop cutting or lose softness? Tired of losing the spring of your scissors? Saboten is your solution.

To begin with, the steel used in these scissors is of Japanese origin, manufactured under the most demanding standards in the world and covered with a fluorous layer that protects and generates a non-stick effect on the steel.

We continue with its comfortable and ergonomic design that reduces tension in the hand and wrist. Its shape and soft material prevents fatigue, especially in long manicure sessions, where low-quality scissors can give us a hard time, making it take us much longer to do the same job or even cause some minor hand pain. Its handle is also regulated so that we can use the scissors themselves to measure anything we need at the moment (measuring cuttings to have consistency in size, checking the caliber of our flowers while we manicure, etc.)

And to finish a revolutionary element! Saboten replaces the old-fashioned and impractical springs with a pair of magnets embedded in each side of the handle that perform the same function in a much more efficient way, without wear or hindrance when handling the scissors, a real luxury!

What are you waiting for to trim like a professional?


  • Blade length: 48mm
  • Blade Type: Straight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-stick fluorinated Japanese steel

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