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Saboten Scissors Case
  • Saboten Scissors Case
  • Saboten Scissors Case

Saboten Scissors Case

Integrated Protection, Cleaning and Convenience

Keep your scissors in perfect condition with the scissors case from the prestigious Japanese brand Saboten. Designed for protection, cleanliness and convenience, this case is the ideal accessory for any gardener or grower looking to keep their tools pristine and ready to use.


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Featured Features:

  • Innovative Design: The Saboten case not only protects your scissors, but also incorporates a compartment to store a small amount of cleaner. This unique feature helps prevent the buildup of resin and other debris on the tip of the scissors.
  • Continuous Cleaning: Every time you put away your scissors, the tip comes into contact with the cleaning liquid, keeping them free of resin and sap during flower manicure.
  • Complete Protection: Made with durable and resistant materials, this case protects the blades of your scissors against damage and corrosion, prolonging their useful life.
  • Belt Adapter: Includes a handy adapter that allows you to clip the sheath to your belt, ensuring you always have your scissors close at hand while you work.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide variety of scissors, from pruning shears to precision shears, ensuring your tools are always well protected.
  • Easy to Use: Simply slip your scissors into the case after each use to keep them clean and protected. The case is lightweight and portable, perfect for taking anywhere.

Advantages of Using the Saboten Cover:

  • Simple Maintenance: Simplify maintenance of your scissors with an integrated cleaning and protection solution.
  • Save Time: Reduce the time you spend manually cleaning your shears, allowing you to dedicate more time to your gardening and growing tasks.
  • Comfort and Accessibility: Thanks to the belt adapter, you can carry your scissors comfortably and always have them within reach.
  • Professional Results: Keep your scissors in optimal condition to obtain precise, professional cuts with every use.

Instructions for use:

  • Loading: Fill the case compartment with a small amount of Saboten Scissor Cleaner.
  • Storage: Insert the scissors into the case after each use, ensuring that the tip comes into contact with the cleaning liquid.
  • Attachment: Use the belt adapter to carry the case comfortably while you work.
  • Maintenance: Replace the cleaning fluid regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

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