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Maxi Gom auto
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Maxi Gom auto

Maxi Gom is a hybrid of Critical Mass and AK47 great. Ready in about 70-75 days from germination, very fruity. One of the best autoflowering Marketplace.

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With the aim of offering the largest 100 % automatic plant possible, we have crossed our best AK47 with a splendid Critical Mass , the result has also surprised us, we are proud to present the first generation of auto flowering variety , entirely comparable to the normal plant in size and quality .

Maxi Gom is a true Big Plant 100% auto -flowering , compact and with a huge center top side branches covered in rich lasting snowfall inflorescia and resins.

Its aroma, generally sweet and fruity , can take on decidedly citrus or exotic , reminiscent of mango and pineapple.
The full maturity comes at a maximum of 70-75 days from germination without any need to regulate photoperiod , both indoors and out ( it's automatic ) .

Also in less experienced hands can easily reach and exceed one meter high . In Indoor collections of about 500g are very common. / 600W . The maximum development of the plant is obtained with 18-20 hours of light per day for the whole cycle, 12lt pots or greater. Really impressive results in hydroponics .

In Outdoor , Maxi Gom , fits both the low and high summer temperatures , resulting so adaptable to different latitudes and allowing multiple harvests per season ( April to November ) virtually anywhere . For its size and its closed flower formation , during the last days of ripening is preferable to control the ground closely the eventual appearance of mold.



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Mostly Indica
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