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Melted Rainbow (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds
  • Melted Rainbow (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds
  • Melted Rainbow (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds

Melted Rainbow (One Shot Edition) - Grateful Seeds

The Grateful Seeds team presents Melted Rainbow, an exotic hybrid born from the cross of Z Head #18 and the legendary Runtz. This feminized cannabis strain has demonstrated great stability since its early development tests and stands out for its abundant production of high-quality, resinous, and oily resin, making it an exceptional choice for extraction enthusiasts.

It requires a flowering time of 55-60 days indoors, yielding a generous harvest of resin-rich flowers with a potent terpene profile. It features funky/gelato notes inherited from Runtz, along with a strong hint of Z Head's irresistible sweetness.

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Feminized marijuana seeds Melted Rainbow, an exotic hybrid developed by Grateful Seeds, have demonstrated remarkable stability from early testing stages, capturing the hearts of the entire breeding team.

As the parent, a specimen of Runtz was used, imparting the characteristic Gelato flavor with gassy and funky notes, beautifully complemented by the touch of sweetness contributed by Z Head #18. An irresistibly enticing blend.

Its lineage shows great vigor in growth and a well-structured plant, with medium to tall height and a fast flowering period. All phenotypes exhibit incredible flavor and potency, along with an exceptionally abundant production of resin.

MELTED RAINBOW feminized (Phenomenon Genetics) Tech Specs:

Cross: Runtz x Z Head #18
Genotype: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 55-60 days
Height: Medium/High
Yield: High
Resin Production: Very abundant, melty, and oily
Aroma and Flavor: Intense, Gelato, Gassy, Sweet, Caramel

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Indica/Sativa hybrid
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