Grow Box CultiBox SG Combi 80x80x160
  • Grow Box CultiBox SG Combi 80x80x160
  • Grow Box CultiBox SG Combi 80x80x160

CultiBox SG-Combi Grow Tent, 80x80x160cm

Grow box CultiBox SGCombi, ideal for a crop of marijuana in a room or corner of the house. Thank you have these new cabinets you can put multiple cabinets of the same dimensions to create a single area of cultivation. The dimensions of the cabinet are 080 x 080 x 160 cm.


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Cultibox presents the evolution of its plug closet with innovations that will make it a reference product in the cannabis sector.

The new SG Combi propose a design with 3 movable side which can connect unlimited units of the same model, that fit almost anywhere culture.

Indoor cultivation is a trend that is becoming stronger among those with a penchant for domestic gardening. However to do this practice are forced, in many cases, to disable a room in your home you should put up with lighting and irrigation; installing insulating addition, odor filters and line the walls of reflective material.

Given this situation, are the grow boxes that provide an alternative to optimize both space and resources. The Cultibox cabinets represent the solution especially for those living in small apartments.

The cabinet has 3 adjustable holes for intracción / extraction addition to passive lower intracción for 3 windows.

- Lightweight aluminum structure.

- Easy to mount.

- Waterproof and Lona.

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