• Vermiculite


Vermiculite is a versatile mineral substrate used in hydroponic cannabis cultivation to aerate soil and retain moisture. Available in 100L bags, it enhances the growing medium by absorbing water and nutrients, ensuring they remain available to plant roots. Vermiculite also provides excellent insulation properties, helping maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels for optimal plant growth.

Opciones: Saco 100 Litros

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Vermiculite, Versatile Hydroponic Substrate

Vermiculite is a granular, laminar mineral containing water within its internal structure. When exposed to high temperatures, it expands into a lightweight, porous material ideal for hydroponic systems and soil enhancement.

Key Benefits

* Moisture and Nutrient Retention: Vermiculite absorbs moisture and nutrients, keeping them readily available for plant roots.

* Insulation Properties: It provides excellent insulation, helping maintain stable temperature and humidity levels, crucial for healthy plant development.

* Aeration: Mixing vermiculite with soil improves aeration, promoting healthy root growth.

* pH Adjustment: Helps correct minor pH imbalances in irrigation water.

* Durability: Slow degradation ensures long-lasting benefits in your growing medium.

Applications in Cannabis Cultivation

Vermiculite is commonly used as a seedbed cover to protect, insulate, and maintain moisture in the seed tray cells. It’s also suitable for hydroponic systems, enhancing conventional substrates by improving water retention and aeration.

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