Mini Deshumidificador Cornwall
  • Mini Deshumidificador Cornwall

Mini Deshumidificador Cornwall

Mini Dehumidifier Cornwall Electronics. Dehumidifier with a capacity of 300 ml per day. Ideal for controlling humidity in small marijuana grow boxes.


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The mini dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quiet; Perfect for small spaces. Poor ventilation causes mold and mildew in closets, pantries, closets and furniture in general. The mini dehumidifier eliminates this problem free environment keeping unwanted moisture.

When the water tank is full (about 500 ml) the dehumidifier will automatically disconnect and a red LED lights up.

Capacity: approx. 250 ml per day at 30 ° C and 80% relative humidity.

Cooling: Peltier thermoelectric module.

Fan: 80 mm * 80 mm brushless motor with direct current.

Adapter: 12V DC 5A.

Consumption: 60W.

Water level detector: the yellow LED turns red LED automatically when the tank is full.

Dimensions: 154 mm (H) x 218 mm (W) x 130mm (w).

Conditions of Use: above 15 ° C and 40% relative humidity.

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