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Insomnia 1000W LED Panel - Powerlux
  • Insomnia 1000W LED Panel - Powerlux
  • Insomnia 1000W LED Panel - Powerlux

Insomnia 1000W LED Panel - Powerlux

Insomnia 1000W from Powerlux with driver included is a perfect combination of power, efficiency and cost, positioning itself as one of the best options on the market to grow high performance with CO2 both classic varieties and American or Californian varieties.

Thanks to the careful selection of its components, which combines Samsung LM301B + Osram Oslon 660nm diodes added to a driver that provides top-quality electronics, raising its efficiency to a tremendous 2.9 μmol/J.


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The new Insomnia 1000W LED luminaire from Powerlux arrives to implement a new standard in lighting for professional cultivation with its combination of high quality chips and advanced technology at an unbeatable price.

Performance and Efficiency:

  • High Efficiency: Offers an impressive efficiency of 2.9 µmol/J, ensuring your plants receive the maximum amount of useful light for vigorous growth.
  • High Quality Driver: Equipped with a premium driver that improves the performance and lifespan of the LED.

Quality Components:

  • Samsung LM301B Chips: Recognized for their high efficiency and reliability, these chips provide a perfect spectrum for growing cannabis, generating thick, very heavy flowers completely covered in resin.
  • Osram Oslon 660nm diodes: They provide a deep red spectrum essential for the flowering phase, optimizing the quality and yield of crops thanks to the generation of the Emerson effect.

Full Spectrum:

  • The combination of Samsung and Osram chips emits a complete, specific and efficient spectrum for cannabis


  • Superior Results: Thanks to its high efficiency and top quality components, healthier and more productive crops are obtained.
  • Durability: Designed to last, offering a long-term investment with its sturdy construction and durable components.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a variety of growing environments where CO2 is used. From small home operations to large installations.

Competitive price:

Despite its advanced features and superior quality, this LED luminaire is offered at a very competitive price, making cutting-edge lighting technology accessible to any budget, thus crushing all competitors in the market.


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