Sobres Gel Integra - Boost
  • Sobres Gel Integra - Boost
  • Sobres Gel Integra - Boost

Sobres Gel Integra - Boost

Gel sachets to maintain the relative humidity of our marijuana buds once stored. With Integra Boost sachets, we can cure our marijuana with the peace of mind that they do not dry out too much or regain moisture, keeping the relative humidity at 55%. It includes a humidity indicator to know when the envelope has been used. Available in 8g and 67g.

Opciones: Sobres 8 gramos

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Integra Boost is a patented technology that releases and absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55% or 62% in a contained environment.

These humidity regulating sachets are the safest on the market as they do not contain corrosive ingredients (salt-free solution), they do not alter the aroma or flavor of the herbs, they include a sachet change indicator (without touching it), individually packaged sachets and they comply with FDA regulations (US Food and Drug Administration).

An 8 gram sachet is used to control the humidity of up to 28 grams of herbs. A 67 gram sachet is used to control the humidity of up to 450 grams of herbs.

Use as many envelopes as required for the size of the container.

A replacement indicator card is included with each Integra Boost package for accurate reading of humidity levels and hands-free monitoring.

The replacement indicator card lets you know when it's time to replace your pack, without having to open your container and search for a pack, and without having to empty your jar to reach the moisture pack.

When the dot turns blue, it's time to replace the pack. The duration of Integra Boost depends on the sizes of the packages and the frequency with which they are opened.

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