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Barra LED Clone 24W  Powerlux
  • Barra LED Clone 24W  Powerlux
  • Barra LED Clone 24W  Powerlux

Barra LED Clone 24W Powerlux

Powerlux LED lighting bars are the new professional way of lighting when it comes to propagating cuttings.

With a perfect lighting spectrum to stimulate the root in young plants and cuttings, a very ingenious passive cooling system and the possibility of connecting them in a chain, they are the perfect solution for cutting rooms, shelves, racks or propagation cabinets, consuming the minimum and with a very long useful life.


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Propagation of cuttings is not far behind in the LED revolution!

Get healthier, more vigorous clones in less time with the 24W LED bars for Powerlux clones. Its specific spectrum for the rooting phase will make you achieve clones with thick and hairy roots in less time than compared to its MH or HPS counterparts, also surpassing them in many other aspects such as maintenance cost, not providing unnecessary temperature or helping to maintain the humidity; Overall, it is a much more suitable luminaire than any other for the propagation of cuttings.

Innovative interconnection system! The Powerlux Clone LED bars are equipped with a connector cable on each side of them, which allows you to either connect a power plug to administer power or interconnect them with other Clone LED bars to be able to use several of them with a single plug. A maximum of 8 LED bars can be connected in series with a single socket.

Made of high quality aluminum and plastic with the IP65 safety protocol, Powerlux bars guarantee a long useful life, reducing the production cost of each clone to a minimum.

The dimensions of the Powerlux 24W LED bar are 128 x 3 x 2.5 cm.


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