Peladora Oruga Verde MultiTrimmer Pro Twins 1.0
  • Peladora Oruga Verde MultiTrimmer Pro Twins 1.0
  • Peladora Oruga Verde MultiTrimmer Pro Twins 1.0
  • Peladora Oruga Verde MultiTrimmer Pro Twins 1.0

Peladora Oruga Verde MultiTrimmer Pro 1.0

The Multi Trimmer Pro peeling machine from Oruga Verde is a harvester with double peeling grid where more people can work and increase harvest speed. Its dimensions are 96 x 48cm so working with it is comfortable. It has two sharp 42.5cm blades that will cut anything that passes through the 10mm caliber grid.


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Electric machine for defoliating marijuana and large hemp plants. Telescopic feet. Two 10 mm grids. To work with one to four people standing, with branches and medium and large plants.


HEIGHT 55 cm (With legs mounted)


WIDTH 48cm





Package content

Machine base with bag and legs.

Remove all the components of the packaging.

Remove the remaining packaging and grafts from the carrier (if any).

Verify that the contents of the package are complete.

Verify that the product has not been damaged during transport.

Electric cable and all accessories.

Work zone

This machine is designed to be solely and exclusively used indoors. Do not use the machine outdoors. Keep the work area clean and orderly. Untidy and poorly lit areas favor work accidents. Do not use electrical machines in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. Keep children or other people away while using the machine.


Check the alignment of moving parts, the absence of parts or any other situation that could affect the operation of the machine.

If the machine is damaged, have it repaired before using it. Many accidents are due to lack of maintenance.

Keep cutting tools clean and sharp. Clean, sharp cutting tools in good condition work better and bind less.

The machine comprises a control panel and safety elements such as sensors arranged in the upper opening of the casing responsible for causing the machine to stop if the lid is opened while the machine is running and preventing it from starting. of the machine with the lid open. Use this electric machine and cutting accessories etc.

In accordance with these instructions, electrical machines can lead to dangerous situations.

Monthly review

Review of the blades, check that there has not been any type of deformation or deterioration in their structure, and that they are

correctly aligned.

Checking the correct operation of the elements that make up the control panel, such as the stop and start switch

on going.

Check the correct operation of the anchors of the lids for separating the nuts. These anchors must guarantee

that the lid is completely closed during use.

Annual review

Checking that the machine has all the pictograms necessary to guarantee user safety and that they are described

in the Instruction Manual.

Oruga Verde
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