X20K - Reactive
  • X20K - Reactive
  • X20K - Reactive

X20K - Reactive

Do you grow with LEDs? Can't get rid of calcium and magnesium deficiencies? Could your flowers be more compact and with more resin?

Reactive is the solution to your problems! With its complete, super-assimilable mix of calcium, magnesium and chelated iron, it will help you correct these deficiencies in the blink of an eye, pushing your plants to the limit and obtaining spectacular productions.

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Many growers continue to adapt to the big change that comes with using an LED luminaire. Due to the efficient spectra that these offer, our plants demand a strong consumption of these minerals, vital for photosynthesis and the creation of the cellular structures of the flowers, which are vital to control if we want to obtain spectacular production.

Reactive is meticulously formulated to make up for these deficiencies in LED cultivation, since the raw materials from which it is made are of the highest quality and the fastest assimilation, complemented with the best chelates to further maximize its absorption ratio.

It can be used in any growing medium regularly or sprayed to maximize the absorption rate.


  • Total nitrogen: 1%
    • Of which in nitric form: 1%
  • Water-soluble magnesium (MgO): 0.5%
  • Water-soluble calcium (CaO): 1%
  • Water soluble iron: 0.6%
  • Iron chelated by EDDHA: 0.35%

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