Brutal Silica - Orthosilicic acid
  • Brutal Silica - Orthosilicic acid

Brutal Silica - Orthosilicic acid

Orthosilicic acid (or monosilicic acid) is the most stable, efficient and instantaneous way to reinforce our plants with silicon. Its formulation with extremely pure raw materials makes it one of the best silica additives on the market.

In addition, its mix of micronutrients are a powerful flowering stimulator, helping us make a faster transition to flowering and this being more abundant in the fattening phase.

Strengthen branches, protect your plants and increase the weight and hardness of your flowers with Brutal Silica

Opciones: 200 ml

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Silicon is an essential and indispensable complement in all growing media except for the substrate (where it is not essential but complements it spectacularly). In crops without substrate (hydro, coconut, etc.) silicon is not present in the medium or in any fertilizer other than specifically silicon, making it a fundamental additive in a healthy, productive and profitable crop.

Silicon is the main component of the plant cell wall, this means that when we apply silicon, the cell envelope becomes thicker and denser, translating into several extremely beneficial effects:

We will notice how the branches lignify at high speed, acquiring a hardness like you have never seen before, thus supporting the entire load of the heavy flowers that the plant will produce in the generative phase.

The leaves, as their "skin" becomes thicker, makes it extremely difficult for insects and fungi to feed or establish themselves on them, helping us to control unwanted visitors to our crop.

Our flowers are where we will notice the greatest and most desired effect: spectacular hardness and the avoidance of massive weight loss. This translates into much more spectacular flowers to look at and touch, and a higher final weight.

Regulates nutrient absorption and increases the availability of essential and high-demand micronutrients for plants (especially in LEDs)

Exponentially increases biotic (insects and fungi) and abiotic resistance (lack/excess of temperature, drought, excess of light...)


  • Mono-silicic acid (H4SIO4) - 4.21% w/w
  • Soluble silicon - 1.23% w/w
  • Iron (Fe) soluble in water - 1.2% w/w
  • Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water - 0.035% w/w
  • Zinc (Zn) soluble in water - 1%

How to use:

  • Foliar use: from 0.3 to 0.5 ml/L, making several applications at times of greatest physiological demand. It is mandatory to wear a mask
  • Fertigation: 1 to 1.5ml per 10L of water (0.1 to 0.15 ml/L)
  • Suitable for all growing media.
  • Add to the water BEFORE the rest of the fertilizers
  • Shake before using
  • Once opened, its useful life is 24 months as long as the storage conditions are met.

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