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Epsonite - THC
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Epsonite - THC

Epsonite THC helps your plants to perform photosynthesis normally thanks to this product, the crop will get the essential magnesium and sulfur to grow strong.


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THC brand Epsonite 500g is a fertilizer made with epson salts that contains extra magnesium and sulfur if the plant lacks these.

The powder formulation is 100% water soluble, can be used and makes it ideal for not clogging irrigation lines in any automated irrigation system.

One of the most serious deficiencies in your crop is that of magnesium, which can be easily corrected with this highly soluble and assimilable supplement.

There are three correct ways to dose epsonite:

- Spray 2 to 4g/liter of water.

- Apply on substrate 50g/m2. 

- Water 0.5 to 3g /m2 every 10 days.


-16:7% Magnesium.

-32.5% Sulfur.

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