Automaria II - Paradise Seeds
  • Automaria II - Paradise Seeds
  • Automaria II - Paradise Seeds
  • Automaria II - Paradise Seeds

Automaria II - Paradise Seeds

Automaria II by Paradise Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis seed variety that combines fast growth with high yield and desirable sativa effects. With a balance of 60% sativa and 40% indica and 14-18% THC, this strain is perfect for growers seeking an energizing and uplifting experience.

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Automaria II Autoflower Cannabis Seeds - Paradise Seeds

Automaria II by Paradise Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis seed variety known for its rapid growth, high yields, and desirable sativa effects. With THC content of 14-18%, this hybrid strain offers a complete experience, combining easy growth and abundant production with a sweet and spicy flavor profile.


Automaria II is the result of crossing Brazilian Santa Maria genetics with a Skunk strain, adding ruderalis genes to ensure automatic flowering. This combination provides a stable autoflower plant with the best qualities of a classic sativa, offering a spiritual and energizing uplift.

Appearance and Plant Structure

Automaria II features a compact and robust structure, reaching heights of 70 cm to 1 meter indoors and over 1 meter outdoors. The plants exhibit vigorous, consistent growth, with significant stretching of the stem and side branches, allowing for good bud development. The buds are dense and resinous, with orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes.

Cultivation Characteristics

Indoor Cultivation:
Automaria II is an excellent choice for indoor setups, with a flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks and yields of up to 400 g/m². Its compact growth and heavy fruits make it appealing for those seeking quality and yield. Once planted, Automaria II will stretch, displaying consistent manageable growth, and when it flowers, it will go into hyper production mode, carpeting the buds with crystals.

Outdoor Cultivation:
Outdoors, Automaria II is a fantastic option for gardeners, capable of reaching over 1 meter in height given the right conditions. Planted around mid-May and harvested at the end of July, this Auto will put a smile on the face of any grower. Automaria II will finish in 70 days after germination, producing up to 75 g per plant outdoors.

Terpene Profile

Automaria II's terpene profile is characterized by its sweet and spicy fragrance, with limonene, myrcene, and terpinolene as dominant terpenes. The sweet flavor with a spicy note carries over to the taste, providing a smooth and very pleasant experience.


Automaria II is known for its energizing and balanced effects. Recreationally, this strain offers a happy and energizing high, perfect for socializing, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying the day. Medically, Automaria II is popular among users seeking to elevate their mood and get a positive energy boost.

AUTOMARIA II (Paradise Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Autoflowering

Cross: Santa Maria x Skunk x Ruderalis
Genotype: 60% Sativa - 40% Indica
THC: 14-18%

Indoor Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Indoor Yield: 400 g/m²
Indoor Height: 70 cm - 1 meter

Outdoor Harvest: 70 days
Outdoor Yield: 75 g/plant
Outdoor Height: 125 cm

Terpene Profile: Sweet, Spicy, Floral
Effect: Energizing, Happy, Uplifting

Data sheet

Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Seed Type

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