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Crazy melonz - Phenomenon Genetics

Crazy MelonZ by Phenomenon Genetics, a spectacular cross between 4Locoz and Watermelon Zkittlez, boasts THC levels ranging from 22-25% and exceptionally high yields. These feminized marijuana seeds, known for their robust genetic stability, promise bountiful harvests in any cultivation environment. Indoors, they have a flowering cycle of 65-75 days, while outdoors they'll be ready for harvest between late September and early October.

Crazy Melon develops vigorously growing plants with large, dense, and extremely resinous flowers. Its intense and creamy terpene profile, featuring hints of watermelon, fruitiness, diesel, and sweetness, makes it an ideal choice for extraction enthusiasts due to its abundant resin production and spectacular terpenes.

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Phenomenon Genetics has pushed boundaries with Crazy MelonZ, utilizing a 4Locoz male with Hindu Kush predominance and Zkittlez terpenes, contributing to its extraordinary trichome production, vegetative vigor, and resinous flowers. The female Watermelon Zkittlez brings its robust vegetative structure, capable of supporting the abundance of its resinous and heavy flowers. This lineage guarantees a resin-packed plant with an intense and creamy terpene profile, making it a privileged choice for various extractions.

This feminized photoperiod variety distinguishes itself with a spectacular THC range of 22-25% and its ability to produce exceptionally abundant harvests. Its flowering period lasts 65-75 days indoors; when cultivated outdoors, it will be ready for harvest in October, yielding generously wherever it's grown.

Crazy MelonZ's terpene profile is a masterpiece, with an aroma and flavor reminiscent of watermelon, fruity notes, diesel, sweetness, and a tropical touch, transporting those who consume it to a paradise of relaxation. The effects are profoundly relaxing, stimulating appetite, and leading to a sense of happiness and sociability, ideal for enjoying in good company.

CRAZY MELONZ (Phenomenon Genetics) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: 4Locoz x Watermelon Zkittlez
THC: 22-25%

Indoor Flowering Time: 65-75 days
Outdoor Harvest: October
Yield: Very High

Flavor: Watermelon, Fruity, Diesel, Sweet, Tropical
Effects: Relaxing, Hungry, Sleepy, Happy, Talkative

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Mostly Indica
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