Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics
  • Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics
  • Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics
  • Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics
  • Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics
  • Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics

Re-Locoz - Phenomenon Genetics

Re-Locoz is an exceptional strain from Phenomenon Genetics, renowned for its genetic robustness and versatility. This strain adapts perfectly to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and due to the large size of its flowers, it is particularly suitable for the SCROG method indoors, where it completes its flowering cycle in 60-65 days.

Re-Locoz is an ideal marijuana plant for any type of extraction, as its resin production is so impressive that its dense buds appear white and glistening. With a high THC level of 25%, it offers a highly psychoactive effect, inducing a deep state of relaxation—a perfect strain for experienced users to unwind at the end of the day.

Opciones: Paquete 5u.

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Re-Locoz, a masterpiece from Phenomenon Genetics, arises from the intricate union of two distinct phenotypes of the same variety, 4Locoz. On the paternal side, a phenotype with a pronounced Hindu Kush dominance unfolds its charm with a rich and creamy terpene profile with hints of Zkittlez. This male is distinguished by its vigorous growth and a robust structure, giving rise to remarkable flowers with generous size and radiant density. The large and plentiful trichomes are a prominent feature of this phenotype.

On the other hand, the phenotype used as the mother presents a structure more similar to its mother, Eddy OG, one of the most cherished OG strains in cannabis history. Its large, round buds are imbued with high-quality resin. The terpenes it contributes to the mix are a symphony of OG gas with robust notes of Kush and Zkittlez, creating a truly sensational sensory experience.

The result of this union is strong and vigorous plants that grow with gratitude and resilience. Their exceptionally white flowers, due to the abundance of resin, stand out for the presence of extra-large trichomes, making them particularly suitable for high-quality extractions. With a THC content of 25%, Re-Locoz promises an intense and long-lasting psychoactive effect, perfect for those seeking a potent cannabis experience.

Re-Locoz is versatile in terms of cultivation, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. In indoor cultivation settings, this variety particularly excels in the SCROG method due to the size its buds can attain. The phenotypes resulting from this gene combination offer a synthesis of the characteristics of both strains, making it a true champion in the world of cannabis.

RE-LOCOZ (Phenomenon Genetics) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: 4Locoz #81 x 4Locoz #23
THC: 25%

Indoor Flowering Time: 60-65 days
Outdoor Harvest: Late September - Early October
Yield: 500  g/m2

Flavor: Spicy, Fruity, Sweet, Diesel, Floral
Effects: Relaxing, Hungry, Sleepy

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Mostly Indica
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