Coco A+B - Plagron

Coco A + B Plagron is a nutrient base for growing marijuana in coconut fiber substrate. Nutrient for the entire life cycle of the plant growth and flowering, separated into two parts to avoid solidification between phosphate and calcium.

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The Coco A + B Plagron is a basic fertilizer for cannabis cultivation in coconut fiber substrate. It is a concentrated fertilizer into two parts, which are bottled separately to avoid the formation of precipitates between phosphate and calcium.

Dilute perfectly into the irrigation water, so it can be used with automatic irrigation systems dropper, without risk of blockages.

Add 4 mL per liter of coco a, stir the mixture and then add the same amount of coco b. Use at each irrigation.

Part A: 3.9% nitrogen, 1% potassium, 4.5% calcium

Part B: 1% nitrogen, 4.1% phosphorus, 2.4% potassium

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Coco A+B - Plagron