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Silic Rock 1L - Plagron
  • Silic Rock 1L - Plagron

Silic Rock 1L - Plagron

Silic Rock is an important silicon-based supplement which helps us with one of the most common and difficult to detect deficiencies in our plants: Silicon.

Its formula guarantees great availability of soluble and highly available silicon for the plant


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The application of silicon in our cultivation offers so many beneficial advantages that professional growers have not been slow to add it to their usual nutrient recipe, observing results from the first day.

Increases the plant's resistance to biotic factors (insects, fungi) and abiotic factors (excess temperature, lack of water...) thanks to its strong action, reinforcing and thickening cell walls.

It also regulates and improves the absorption of nutrients that are not very mobile and very essential for the plant, thus reducing its effort in feeding.

How to use

  • Shake well before use
  • It is recommended to use between 0.5 and 1ml/L
  • Use in each irrigation throughout the entire growing cycle
  • Product of organic origin, it is not suitable for hydroponic growing systems (NFT, DWC, etc.)


  • NPK fertilizer (1.5-0-1.7)
  • Sio2: 1.0%

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