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Fabric Pot Smart Pot

Smart Pot folding pots for growing marijuana. They are designed in polypropylene geotextile allowing aeration in the root zone, releasing them from heat, they are easy to transport, washable and reusable.

Medidas: 3.8 Litros

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The pot you use will influence the growth of your plant! For years, the Smart Pot has helped wholesale nurseries with their plant production. Patented Smart Pots are available anywhere today to gardeners and growers of potted plants. The Smart Pot is a porous aerating pot that releases heat and promotes fibrous root growth. The result is a better root structure and a better plant. Grow all of your favorite plants: annuals, perennials, fruit trees, and vegetables.

- Better than plastic pots
- Better than tall nurseries
- Releases heat
- Aerate the root zone
- Stops root curl
- Aerial pruning of the root structure of the plant
- Ideal for aquatic plants

The Smart Pot is a truly innovative, inexpensive and virtually foolproof method of growing potted plants (in containers). The Smart Pot is an aeration pot, an upgrade to potting technology that allows you to grow plants in a more favorable environment than a standard pot of similar size offers. For best results, remember to follow the guidelines below:

1. Thanks to Smart Pot's unique breathability and excellent drainage, it is more compliant than hard-sided pots and therefore a wider variety of mixes can be used. Irrigation needs will change depending on the mix used.

2. When planting keep the sides straight. Lift the sides while filling the pot so they are straight.

3. Water the plant gently, let the water flood the Smart Pot. The medium you use to fill the Smart Pot will influence the way you water. A lighter and more porous mix will require more frequent watering. Water the plant as needed.

4. Fertilize the plant as needed. The Smart Pot works with all feritilization programs.

5. When used on the ground, the Smart Pot has a porous fabric base that will circumvent undulations in the ground and establish capillary contact with the ground. When you move the plant, water it again to re-establish capillary contact.

6. Try to grow a plant that you don't usually grow in a pot! Annuals, perennials, fruit trees, and vegetables all do very well in the Smart Pot!

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