Maceta Aeropot
  • Maceta Aeropot

Aeropot Pot

Round recycled plastic pots with holes for the soil and roots to breathe, favoring the creation of greater root mass. Available in different sizes.

Medidas: 15 cm - 1L

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The idea behind this science fiction design is that the roots end up going to the holes in the wall and are pruned once they come into contact with the air. This promotes the growth of new roots, which allows the plant to absorb a greater amount of nutrients and increase its growth.

It's worth noting that these pots tend to dry out sooner than traditional ones, especially if watered manually.

The pots are made of recycled plastic and are shipped unassembled.

The walls have an egg cup-like design, with closed cones pointing inward and open cones outward. There are no flat surfaces, so the roots quickly begin to spiral.

The cones pointing inwards direct the roots towards the open outer cone, due to the density of the air in the earth the roots that have reached the outside dehydrate and are effectively pruned, promoting the growth of new roots.

The plant responds to this aerial pruning by creating new roots to compensate for the loss of old ones, producing a dense root system with a large number of active white-tipped roots.

The wall structure of the AeroPot also creates better conditions for bacterial activity, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients available to the plant. The root system becomes efficient to take advantage of nutrients and water. Therefore the vigor and health of the plant are guaranteed.

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