Grow Box SJ Dark Street Wide V4.0 120 x 60

Dark Street V4.0 DS120w indoor grow tents. These cabinets for growing cannabis, do not let light from inside or outside, ie are light tight, inside are lined with reflective Mylar M210D. Indoor grow tents for indoor cultivation of good quality, perfect to take advantage of rooms that share spaces. Measuring 120x60x178 cm.

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The SECRET JARDIN DARKSTREET 4.0 cabinets are lined with a mylar fabric (M210D) with a hammered effect that reflects 95% of the light and allows to increase the light intensity and to improve the distribution. Light-tight, waterproof and pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, they are equipped with a lamp and carbon filter holder.

The characteristics of this model of cabinet are as follows:

Dimensions 120x60x178 cm.

Supports a maximum weight of 20Kg, 10Kg per bar.

2 extraction supports (Ducting Flange Support).

2 x 125mm connector for the pull-out bracket

1 Light Baffle, prevents light from passing through, allowing fresh air to enter the enclosure

1 x 70mm cable outlet

16mm diameter Q195 steel frame.

WaterTray Mylar M210D 120x60cm.

1 WebIt net 120x60cm and space booster, to prevent the enclosure from being compressed inwards by the extraction.

1 Inner storage bag.

15 It cable, used to hold the cables through the structure of the enclosure.

1 HookIT, brackets for the lighting system.

1 Strapitt, filter straps

1 Patchit, for repairing your tent or replacing the DF16 (Ducting Flange)

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Grow Box SJ Dark Street Wide V4.0 120 x 60