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100% Indica, life cycle of 60 days. Medium sized plant with good branching structure that develops thick, dense and long buds with an impressive amount of resin, this is because the plant produces abundant trichomes from the early days of flowering.

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Shark Widow feminized cannabis seeds - Advanced Seeds

Shark Widow is the result of several crosses between our mothers Indicas faster and more contained structure with dominance Indica hybrids , selected for their great vigor and aroma and flavor.

We have obtained a variety Indica practically 100 %, with a really short cycle because bloom can complete in less than 60 days, so that you can reach inside cultivation combined with the auto-flowering varieties. It is a plant of medium size and contained branching develops thick, dense and long buds with an impressive amount of resin, this is because the plant produces trichomes in abundance since the early days of flowering , so to conclude this Nearby buds and leaves are almost white . Processing is too complex for us to plant produces very little waste .

His phenotype makes it ideal for indoor growing , because their moderate branch optimizes the maximum space and light to reach the lower branches optimizing the maximum performance. His short cycle allows us to make up to 4 harvests per season . It is well adapted to growing on balconies, where if you let it grow much can not go unnoticed among other plant species.

It is easy to grow , tolerates harsh climates well and holds up well the pest attack , so it is also suited to the requirements of guerrilla growing . In foreign is not usually exceed 250 cm in cultures of 5 months ( May to September ) , so it is easy to camouflage among other trees and is below the height of most fences.

His intense effects and high levels of CBD makes it suitable for medicinal use. The Indica lovers in this range have a genuine delight, power and penetrating aroma and intense flavor with sweet and fruity nuances , up to the most demanding palates.

SHARK WIDOW (Advanced Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Genotype: 100% Indica
THC: 17%

Indoor Flowering Time: 55-60 days
Indoor Height: 70-90 cm
Indoor Yield: 400-450 g/m2

Outdoor Harvest: Late October
Outdoor Height: 120-220 cm

Terpene Profile: Sweet, Fruity, Intense
Effects: Potent, Relaxing

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Mostly Indica

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