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Dark Devil auto

Dark Devil autoflowering is part of the new red family of Sweet Seeds. Big Devil XL x exotic genetics R & D Buddha Seeds. Yield: 8 ½ weeks from germination.

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Variety 100 % automatic. Result of the hybridization between one of our most cherished genetic autoflowering , XL and Big Devil autoflowering genetic exotic purple flowers developed in collaboration with the R & D department of bank Buddha Seeds feminized seeds . The purple character of this gene is inherited from their ancestors in the area of Chitral , Hindu Kush in Pakistan , near the Afghan border .

Dwelling genetics brings speed in bloom, sweet aromas and purple colors to our Big Devil XL .

Dark Devil from germination shows a strong hybrid vigor. The plants grow aspect of Indica-Sativas hybrids with strong stem and many lateral branches , a large central bud and multiple smaller buds on the side branches . Resin production is abundant in both buds and nearby these leaves. Sweet and fruity aroma with citrus tones and incense .

About 80 % of individuals of this variety in the buds acquire shades , purple , or reddish purple during flowering , some individuals also leaves turn purple during flowering. Once harvested and dried the buds take on a very dark shade of purple , almost black .
Autoflowering 100 %
Last Indoor: 400-600 g/m2
Last Outdoor: 50-200 gr / plant
Indoor / Outdoor Harvest : 8 weeks from germination media
Height: 80-130 cm

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Mayor Indica (relajante)
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