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Tray Garland Giant Plus

¡¡ONLY IN PHYSICAL STORE AND DELIVERY IN BARCELONA CITY !! Garland Giant Plus grow tray for indoor growing of marijuana. Tray with dimensions of 120 x 55 x 4 cm and a capacity of 28 liters. Perfect measures to use in a Clonebox or to fill spaces between larger trays and make better use of the growing space.

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The Garland Giant Plus tray has proven to be very popular both at the private level and by commercial gardeners, for the maintenance watering of a multitude of plants. The tray can be filled with sand or capillary blankets if preferred.

Its large size means that just by filling the tray with a depth of water, a large number of plants can be watered in a minimum of time. The internal capacity is 28 liters.

A series of shallow horizontal ridges on the inner base of the tray aid in better drainage. The tray fits perfectly on most greenhouse tables and also fits perfectly on the shelves of the Danish carry.

Dimensions: 120cm (l) x 55cm (a) x 4cm (h)

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Tray Garland Giant Plus