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  • Pure Pot fabric pots are textile pots made of fibres resistant to degradation that improve aeration in the root system, pruning the roots and achieving more root mass than with classic plastic pots. Other benefits are that they insulate the root zone from heat and cold, are easy to transport and washable.Available in various sizes

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  • Smart Pot folding pots for growing marijuana. They are designed in polypropylene geotextile allowing aeration in the root zone, releasing them from heat, they are easy to transport, washable and reusable.

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  • The round white pots are used in the cultivation of Marijuana outdoors or in greenhouse, available in various sizes, they are perfect for areas of high insolation, keeping the roots fresh.

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  • Resistant and cheap round black pots for growing Marijuana indoors or outdoors. Measures from 12 cm to 50 cm in diameter.

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  • The grid pots are the ones used in hydroponic and aeroponic marijuana crops. Sizes available in 50mm or 80mm.

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  • Round plates to collect the water that drains from the round pots in an indoor, outdoor or any type of cultivation of marijuana. Available in various sizes.

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  • Round recycled plastic pots with holes for the soil and roots to breathe, favoring the creation of greater root mass. Available in different sizes.

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