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  • Auto Bruce Banner XXL - Advanced Seeds
  • Auto Bruce Banner XXL

Auto Bruce Banner XXL - Advanced Seeds

Auto Bruce Banner XXL by Advanced Seeds is the autoflowering version of the famous Bruce Banner strain, American strain renowned for its high productivity and potency. This compact and vigorous strain offers abundant yields in a short period, boasting a THC content of 24%. Its earthy and woody aromas, combined with diesel notes, are appreciated by connoisseurs. With potent and cerebral effects, it's ideal for uplifting the mood, enhancing creativity, and relaxation.

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Auto Bruce Banner autoflowering cannabis seeds - Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds proudly presents the autoflowering rendition of their beloved Bruce Banner, the Auto Bruce Banner XXL. It's a marvelous auto of compact size, without the slightest compromise in terms of productivity. The plants exhibit great vigor and adapt seamlessly to different environments, providing an easy and rewarding growing project. This strain packs a punch with a good dose of THC (24%), resulting in a cheerful and long-lasting high.

In the grow room, Auto Bruce Banner XXL grows rapidly and develops a sturdy structure that later fills with dense colas. Its total life cycle is around 75 days, so you won't have to wait too long to harvest copious amounts of your own herb. Plants reach a height of 80-100cm indoors and 100-130cm outdoors, making it ideal if you don't have much space to grow or are looking for a small specimen to conceal among companion plants. Under ideal conditions, it can yield harvests of 500-550g/m² indoors, a figure that's quite impressive considering the size of this strain.

After drying and curing the buds, you'll discover other very interesting qualities of Auto Bruce Banner XXL. The first is its classic terpene profile, combining fruity, earthy and woody aromas with fuel notes. Undoubtedly, this is a fragrance that every cannabis enthusiast knows and loves. The effects of this strain are potent and cerebral, capable of instantly lifting the mood. Therefore, Auto Bruce Banner XXL is considered good weed for socializing, boosting creativity, and relaxation.

Auto BRUCE BANNER XXL (Advanced Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed type: 100% Autoflowering - Feminized

Genotype: Mostly Sativa
THC: 24%

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 75 days from germination

Indoor Height: 80-100 cm
Indoor Yield: 500-550 g/m2
Outdoor Height: 100-130 cm

Terpene Profile: Fruity, Diesel, Earthy, Woody
Effects: Potent, Cerebral, Mood booster

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Mostly Sativa

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