Controlador Riego 10A GSE
  • Controlador Riego 10A GSE

Controlador Riego 10A GSE

With GSE Water Timer irrigation controller you can automate the irrigation of your indoor marijuana grow. Manufactured with a well-sealed plastic housing resistant to water and humidity, it is connected to the water pump and allows you to individually program the watering time and the interval between waterings. It incorporates a light sensor to differentiate diurnal and nocturnal irrigations. 


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The Water Timer 10A irrigation controller from GSE Systems, designed to automate the irrigation of your indoor cannabis crop, with built-in light sensor to differentiate the nighttime watering of the day.

This water controller is designed inside a waterproof and moisture resistant plastic housing, tightly sealed, and is compatible with both flood / drain, dripper or NFT irrigation.

It allows to program separately the time of irrigation as well as the interval of time that passes between each activation of the pump (time between irrigations), and thus to define them separately when the bulb is on and when it is off.

To do so, it consists of a light sensor with a 4m long cable, and four time selectors.

To install it we just have to connect the water pump to the controller, and plug this into the mains. We will then place the light sensor inside the cabinet and define the configuration.

- Designed to work with 2300W and 10A at most
- Dimensions: 130mm x 92mm x 105mm
- Voltage: 230v / 50Hz
- IP54 protection certificate
- Water impulse for irrigation: from 1s to 20 min
- Watering interval: from 1s to 16h

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