Sustrato All Mix
  • Sustrato All Mix

Substrate All Mix - Bio Bizz

All Mix is ​​an organic substrate based on PreMix, with blond peat and black peat. The All Mix has the pH (6.6) and EC (2.4) levels adjusted to grow marijuana for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, with nutrients for 3-4 weeks. Available in 20 and 50 liters.

Opciones: 20 L

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All Mix is ​​a highly pre-fertilized soil mix developed to generate a complete micro-active ecosystem, emulating the behavior of outdoor soil, but with enough force to achieve exuberant plant growth without requiring any additional fertilizer during the first weeks of culture. Maintaining adequate temperature and humidity will achieve optimal development of our plants.

When using All · Mix for the first time, moisten and let it rest for 36 hours, so that the Pre · Mix active fertilizer and the microorganisms it contains are activated before inserting the plant.

Keep the earth slightly warm at all times, since if the temperature drops, the microbial activity will decrease, making it difficult for the plant to grow.

Biobizz products are not made with mineral salts but with organic elements. Although these elements are impossible to quantify, they have a self-regulation system that maintains their values ​​at the optimal level.


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