Aceite de neem - Proneem Oil - Trabe
  • Aceite de neem - Proneem Oil - Trabe

Aceite de neem - Proneem Oil - Trabe

Neem oil can be used both preventively and curatively for insect and fungal problems. Does not affect beneficial insects.

Its use can be standardized to all types of crops and is authorized in organic farming.

Opciones: 100 ml

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PRONEEM OIL is 100% natural and biodegradable. Contains an organic source of trace elements and macronutrients.

It can be applied at any time of the year. Non-toxic to animals, birds and aquatic life.

Ecoligco and safe for the environment.


100% organic, Nitrogen 2%, Phosphorus 0.65%, Potash 0.10%

Oleic acids: linoleic, palmitic, stearc and myristic.


Prepare the solution by mixing 3-4 ml of PRONEEM OIL in 1L of water.

The application of the product can be done both root and foliar.

It is recommended to apply in hours of less heat and solar irritation, apply either first thing in the morning or at sunset.

In indoor crops, use it with the lights off.

Repeat treatment as needed every 5-7 days.

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