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Puro Wash - Desinfectante
  • Puro Wash - Desinfectante

Puro Wash - Desinfectante

Puro Wash is a unique disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, germs, spores and fungi particularly formulated for plants and greenhouses (both indoor and outdoor).

Without the need to dilute, it comes ready to use and with it you can everything from cleaning surfaces and tools to spraying plants to prevent and cure fungi. It doesn't leave any type of residue. It can even be used after harvesting!

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In the cultivation of marijuana there are certain situations, especially when we are in the flowering stage, in which we cannot apply fungicides or disinfectants due to their compounds, residues, etc... Although we finally have a solution: Puro Wash disinfectant!

Its uses are unlimited! Surfaces, tools, plants...And even roots! You can use it wherever you need it most without problems! You will obtain healthy and clean plants, as well as vigorous and white roots, free of any pathogen that occurs while preserving the absorbent root hairs.

Cases in which it can be applied:

  • Sanitation in mother plants
  • Disinfection of cuttings
  • Preventive and curative in the growth phase
  • Preventive and curative in the flowering phase
  • Live or dried flowers with superficial mushroom principle
  • Disinfection of surfaces, tools, rooms, equipment, work or street clothing....

How to use

  • General use: Use the product undiluted directly on the surface or plant you wish to disinfect. On plants repeat the process every 3 days. On surfaces ther
  • Root use: Mix 50-50% osmosis water with Puro Wash and water our plants with said solution. Mixture valid up to 24 hours after mixing.

Storage conditions

  • -Do not store above 50ºC
  • -Can be stored unopened for up to 2 years

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