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Swirskii-Mite Plus 100 sobres

Amblyseius (Typhlodromips) swirskii it is a predatory mite which feeds mainly on whiteflies and triplets. Each individual consumes between 5 and 10 prey per day and can also feed on red spider mites. It is recommended to apply one envelope per plant if the pest is advanced.

It is presented in a box with 100 envelopes, of which each envelope contains 250 predators.

Opciones: Caja de 10 sobres

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Thanks to its polyphagous nature and its adaptation to high temperatures, this voracious predatory mite plays a very important role in crop protection.

Amblyseius (Typhlodromips) swirskii needs an adequate food source for the rapid growth of its populations and mainly prefers the young stages of whiteflies and thrips.

It consumes approximately 5-10 prey a day. Amblyseius swirskii also feeds on pollen and to some extent on spider mites and mites of the Tarsonemidae family.

This voracious predator is widely used as a natural enemy in pepper, cucumber, eggplant, strawberry and other ornamental crops as well.

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