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ProGuard Defender DXB 100 con BPI - Desinfección de salas
  • ProGuard Defender DXB 100 con BPI - Desinfección de salas
  • ProGuard Defender DXB 100 con BPI - Desinfección de salas

ProGuard Defender DXB 100 con BPI - Desinfección de salas

Keep your grow rooms pathogen-free with the PROGUARD Defender DXB 100 with BPI. This advanced device is designed to disinfect the air, significantly reducing the environmental load of fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other contaminants in environments with high environmental load in professional cannabis facilities, where it has been proven by independent laboratories to be highly effective.

Its easy installation, maintenance and use allows it to be easily handled even by the least experienced growers.

Feel protected: ProGuard Defender works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never let your guard down!



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Featured Features:

  • BPI (Bipolar Ionization) Technology: Uses innovative bipolar ionization technology to disinfect the air, eliminating pathogens and improving air quality in your grow rooms.
  • Superior Efficiency: Significantly reduces the presence of fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores and pollen in the environment, protecting your plants and ensuring healthy growth.
  • Wide Coverage: Ideal for grow rooms of different sizes, guaranteeing complete and uniform disinfection throughout the space.
  • Silent Operation: Operates silently, ensuring there are no interruptions or disturbances to the growing environment.
  • Easy to Use: Its intuitive and easy-to-use design allows for simple installation and operation, without the need for complicated configurations.

Advantages of Using the PROGUARD Defender DXB 100:

  • Healthy Environment: Maintain a pathogen-free growing environment, ensuring your plants grow in the best possible conditions.
  • Complete Protection: Prevents the spread of diseases and contaminants that can affect the health of your crops.
  • Improved Yield: By reducing the pathogen load, it promotes more vigorous and healthy plant growth, improving yield and harvest quality.
  • Simple Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance, allowing you to focus on caring for your plants.

Instructions for use:

  • Installation: Place the PROGUARD Defender DXB 100 in a central location in your grow room for optimal coverage.
  • Turning on: Connect the device to a power source and turn it on to begin the air disinfection process.
  • Continuous Operation: Leave the PROGUARD Defender DXB 100 in continuous operation to keep the air constantly disinfected.
  • Maintenance: Clean and check the device periodically to ensure its optimal functioning.

Applications Include: indoor grow rooms, greenhouses, dry rooms, and more


• Unit weight: 2.95 Kg

• Dimensions: 29.7 x 34.13 x 8.9 cm

• Electrical Input: 100-240 V – 50/60 Hz

• Electrical output: 12 V - 3 A

• Power consumption: 14W - 21W

• Warranty: 2 years

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