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Rockwool Cube

Rockwool Cube wrapped in plastic to protect roots, ideal for hydroponic cultivation. Perfect for germinating seeds (50x50) or transplanting bare roots. This high-quality growing medium provides excellent support and aeration, ensuring healthy root development and optimal growth.

Medidas: 50 x 50 x 45 mm

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Rockwool Cube

The Rockwool Cube is specifically designed for hydroponic systems, providing a stable and supportive environment for plant roots. The plastic wrapping protects the roots from external damage and contamination, ensuring a clean and efficient growing process.

Perfect for Germination and Transplanting

These Rockwool Blocks are highly effective for seed germination and transplanting bare-root plants. The 50x50 size is ideal for starting seeds and nurturing young plants until they are ready for the next stage of growth.

Optimal Root Protection and Growth

The plastic wrapping around the Rockwool Block helps maintain moisture and aeration, crucial for healthy root development. This ensures that the roots have access to both air and water, promoting robust growth and minimizing the risk of root diseases.

High-Quality Growing Medium

Rockwool is a premium growing medium known for its excellent water retention and aeration properties. It supports strong root systems and overall plant health, making it a preferred choice for hydroponic growers.

* Available in different sizes.

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