Agrolite Sodio - HPS
  • Agrolite Sodio - HPS

Agrolite HPS Bulb

Agrolite Bulbs High Pressure Sodium (HPS) long-life bulb mixed spectrum ideal for the growth and flowering of our growing marijuana. Available in various powers.

Potencia: 150W

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Sodium Bulbs corrected spectrum and long life.
Perfect for growth and flowering.


- Threaded E-40
- Long life.

Visible light (lm)

   100 W = 12,000 lumens
   150 W = 20,000 lumens

   250 W = 34,000 lumens

   400 W = 53,000 lumens

  600 W = 85,000 lumens

* 400W DUPLO: This bulb is double burner, which extends the life of the bulb. When the burner in operation overheats, it turns off for the second burner is put into operation, so that the wear of the bulb is half.

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