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Panel LED Lumii 680W
  • Panel LED Lumii 680W
  • Panel LED Lumii 680W
  • Panel LED Lumii 680W

Panel LED Lumii 680W

The new Lumii Xled panel is a reliable and economical, highly efficient luminaire that will satisfy both expert growers and novices who are new to the art of cultivation.

Its new and patented distribution of chips has revolutionized the sector, exponentially improving the distribution of light, being much more homogeneous and our plants growing more uniformly.

Thanks to its meticulously studied combination of chips we will achieve great production and quality in our plants, and due to its perfectly square dimensions, it will greatly facilitate our work when designing our grow room with several luminaires.


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The Lumii XLED luminaire has been designed by growers for growers, ingeniously improving small details that will undoubtedly improve the daily health of our plants.

Thanks to its 6-position dimmer we will have more lighting flexibility than with any other panel on the market (0, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100%). Of course, by including a data port in its dedicated driver, it is possible to concatenate the luminaires with the data cable that is included in the box and control them from the main luminaire or a Master Controller or switchboard with which we can control from the power of the lights, your schedule or even generate sunrise and sunset effects. Compatible with Bluetooth mesh technology

Its patented LED chip placement system has revolutionized the sector. By placing a greater number of chips in the outer bars, Lumii XLED achieves the best light distribution on the market, this being extremely good especially in grow rooms, where it is vital to achieve the most linear uniformity possible.

Its electronics with a dedicated driver allow the efficiency of the luminaire to be fully exploited, generating an efficiency of 2.75 µmol/J and up to 1870 µmol/s which, together with its specific spectrum for cannabis cultivation, will result in large and heavy flowers, very compact and full of resin.

It incorporates the line of high-end Power-Chips chips, using a studied and specific combination to create the perfect cultivation spectrum, which includes the models:

  • Power-Chips 3000K - 5000K mid-power
  • 660nm RED (Emerson Effect)
  • The quality of the materials and its construction result in a resistant and robust luminaire, built under the European IP65 safety standard.


  • Color: Full Spectrum
  • PPFD: 1870 µmol/s
  • Efficiency: 2.75 µmol/J
  • Maximum input power to the driver: 680W
  • AC input voltage: 200 - 264 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage from the driver to the luminaire: 36-56 V DE
  • Output current from driver to luminaire: 6.7 - 15.0 A
  • Lifespan: L90 > 50,000 hours (+ 5 years)
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Net weight (luminaire only): 7.8 Kg
  • Luminaire size: 108 x 108 x 10 cm

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