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Matrix 1000W LED fixture - Powerlux
  • Matrix 1000W LED fixture - Powerlux

Matrix 1000W LED fixture - Powerlux

The LED Matrix 1000W luminaire combines the best of LED technology to deliver exceptional lighting at an incredible price, perfect for CO₂-enriched cultivation.

This luminaire integrates Samsung LM281B+ and Osram Oslon 660nm diodes, achieving a full light spectrum and generating the Emerson effect, crucial for optimal plant development. This ensures impressive yields and rock-hard buds covered in a dense layer of resin.

A revolutionary design! Its 3-part articulating structure allows you to adjust the uniformity in the most suitable way for your growing style. Matrix 1000W adapts to your grow, not the other way around!


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The LED Triptic 1000W luminaire combines cutting-edge LED technology to provide outstanding lighting at a competitive cost, making it ideal for CO₂-enriched cultivation. This next-gen luminaire uses Samsung LM281B+ and Osram Oslon 660nm diodes, achieving a full light spectrum and generating the Emerson effect, crucial for optimal plant development and the formation of heavy, compact flowers.

Key Features

  1. Efficiency and Performance High Light Efficiency: At 2.85 µmol/J, it maximizes the available light for plants, accelerating growth and promoting more robust flowering. Revolutionary Triptic Structure: Its 9-bar design in 3 articulating parts provides superior light uniformity, ensuring all plants receive equal light regardless of their position.
  2. High-Quality Components Samsung LM281B+ and Osram Oslon 660nm Diodes: These diodes offer a balanced spectrum, with Osram's deep red light promoting flowering and growth. Innovative Design: The triptic structure is the latest revolution in light uniformity, optimizing light distribution in the grow area.
  3. Full Light Spectrum Emerson Effect: The combination of diodes creates a light spectrum that mimics sunlight, benefiting all phases of the plant life cycle and maximizing photosynthesis.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness Competitive Pricing: Despite its advanced technology and high quality, it is offered at a very competitive price, providing an affordable option without sacrificing performance.


  • Exceptional Results: Growers can expect higher efficiency and optimized growth, thanks to the high quality and precision of the light spectrum.
  • Uniform Coverage: The 9-bar structure ensures that every plant in the grow area receives uniform lighting, reducing hotspots and guaranteeing homogeneous growth.
  • Ideal for CO₂-Enriched Cultivation: Maximizes the benefits of CO₂, further enhancing yield and quality.
  • Durability and Reliability: Designed to last, providing a solid and reliable investment for any grower.

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