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Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds
  • Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds

Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree - Silent Seeds

Feminized Lemon Tree 2.0 marijuana seeds, a premium hybrid that evolves from the Original Lemon Tree, developed by Silent Seeds in collaboration with Californian breeder Matthew Rockwell and his underground cultivation collective known as Lemon Tree. It features a fairly open structure and vigorous growth, completing its indoor flowering cycle in 8-9 weeks with generous yields of 600 g/m2. Outdoors, it's harvested between late September and early October with huge yields of almost 1.5 kg per plant.

Lemon Tree 2.0 produces compact, rounded buds with a thick layer of resin that emanates an intense citrus aroma dominated by lemon and complemented by lime and kushy hints and a touch of creaminess.

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Lemon Tree 2.0 by Lemon Tree feminized cannabis seeds - Silent Seeds

Lemon Tree 2.0 feminized cannabis seeds are the result of the direct collaboration between Silent Seeds and the Californian breeder Matther Wockwell and his collective of underground growers called Lemon Tree, the creators of the original Lemon Tree strain that has gained a strong reputation in California and worldwide.

Structural development of Lemon Tree 2.0

Lemon Tree 2.0 is a hybrid cannabis strain with a fairly open plant structure, with a moderately large distance between nodes, whose vigor clearly indicates the nobility of her Californian genes and, above all, the quality and production potential that lieas dormant within her. Secondary branches are numerous which is why defoliation and pinching stage is strongly recommended during growth. For optimum yield, it is recommended supporting the plant's structure with a suitable device, such as netting or stakes placed halfway through the vegetative period, to prevent branches from fracturing under the weight of the may delicious, compact heads during flowering.

Yield of Lemon Tree 2.0

Lemon Tree 2.0 cannabis seeds offer the possibility of a generously yielding cannabis cultivar when growth under optimal conditions. Lemon Tree 2.0 buds have an intermediate Skunk shape mixed with that of the vast majority of US hybrids. That is, fairly rounded shape, swollen calyxes superimposed, with a beautiful layer of resin trichomes, while demonstrating a beautiful compactness.

Terpene profile of Lemon Tree 2.0

Discover all the richness and delicacy of Lemon Tree now, as the aromatic qualities delivered by Lemon Tree 2.0 cannabis seeds are intense and deep. You'll find all the fruity richness of the best lemons, blended with additional notes of lime, sweet chemical lemon candy and complexe floral notes. The whole experience is stunning both on the nose and in the mouth, as the sensations experienced follow from each other in an orderly fashion, giving way to a deliciously sensory experience worthy of the name.

For all those who have ever dreamed of tasting the Original Lemon Tree, you can now enjoy its ultimate evolution in feminized seed form by growing Lemon Tree 2.0 cannabis seeds. If you're a fan of cannabis strains with an aromatic profile marked by lemon, then don't heasitate any longer, beacuse thanks to Lemon Tree 2.0 you'll discover a wonderful universe of intensely lemony smells and flavours, with beautiful complexity and surprising intensity.

Effects of Lemon Tree 2.0

Lemon Tree 2.0 produces cannabis plants that boost THC levels up to 27%. Its effects are initially quite energizing, making you want to engage in creative activities with a burst of motivation, listen to musica, and then feel a shooting, relaxing physical sensation that invites you to unwind.

LEMON TREE 2.0 by Lemon Tree (Silent Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod

Cross: X-Dark Lime #20 x Original Lemon Tree
Genotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid
THC: 25-27%

Indoor Flowering Cycle: 58-63 days
Indoor Yield: 550-600 g/m2

Outdoor Height: 250 cm
Outdoor Yield: 1200-1400 g/Plant
Outdoor Harvest: Late September / Early October

Terpene Profile: Creamy lemon tart with Kush notes
Effects: Hybrid, Cerebral high, Body relaxation

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Indica/Sativa Hybrid

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